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Go2Group Store – FAQ

Is it safe to use the Go2Group Store?

Go2Group utilizes First Global Data Gateway for its online payment processing. To reviewFirst Global Data Gateway’s policies and procedures, please visit their Knowledge Base.

How much do Go2Group Products cost?

The current costs are available on the Go2Group Online Store.

Is there an End User License I need to agree to before using Go2Group Products?

Yes. Please review and agree to the End User License Agreement (PDF) before using Go2Group products. This EULA is also available within the installer of each Go2Group Product.

How can I purchase Go2Group Products?

The quickest method to receive your license is by purchasing the Go2Group Product via the Go2Group Online Store. In addition, Go2Group Products can be purchased via the Purchase Order process and Credit Card. To purchase via either PO or CC, please contact us to begin the process.

I paid for a license of Go2Group Product – where is it?

Once payment has been processed by Go2Group, you will receive a production license key for your use. Please note – we do not release these keys prior to processing payment.

If for some reason I am not satisfied with a Go2Group product, can I apply for a refund?

Go2Group does not offer refunds. Go2Group allows its customers to evaluate its products for a period of 30-days (and beyond where necessary), which allows our customers to determine whether the Go2Group Product will work within their environment. In addition, Go2Group offers full support during the evaluation process to ensure the Go2Group Product is installed and configured to meet your needs.

If you have any questions prior to purchasing a Go2Group Product, please contact us.