Atlassian declared ADLM leader alongside IBM and Microsoft in latest report by leading industry analyst firm

Atlassian-MQA frequently cited report recently released by a leading industry analyst firm has named Atlassian, alongside industry stalwarts IBM and Microsoft, as one of the ADLM field’s “leaders.”

Author’s note: While some firms, such as Gartner, refer to application lifecycle management technology as “ADLM,” most vendors still use the term “ALM” when referring to the market and related products.

What makes Atlassian unique

While industry pundits tend to use detailed lists to describe proper ALM solutions, Atlassian succinctly describes what it does as enabling “concept-to-launch” through its development and project management tools. This focused vision has made both Atlassian’s products and sales execution highly successful. Until recently and only in its higher-end Data Center products, Atlassian has avoided the costly overhead of employing a sales force. Instead, sales are conducted through its network of resellers. The reduction of sales overhead from not having to deal with commission payouts and staffing costs has given Atlassian the ability to spend twice as much as its ALM peers on research and development.

Atlassian’s rise to success

Founded in 2002 by two college students who bootstrapped the company with their own credit cards, Atlassian quickly ascended to international prominence as a leader of development and project management tools. In just 13 years, the company has gained 43,000 customers and amassed $215 million in revenue. Furthermore, its products have been used by 70% of Fortune 500 companies. High profitability, positive cash flow, and no channel conflict—with qualities like these, it’s no wonder Atlassian has maintained the role of an ALM leader for several years.

The relationship: Atlassian and Go2Group

Go2Group, Atlassian’s first and largest North American partner, has been assisting Atlassian since 2004. It was a combination of Atlassian’s reliance on its channel partners and Go2Group’s deep integration expertise that allowed for Go2Group to provide additional value over that of a traditional reseller when it installed JIRA at SPAWAR back in 2004. This was Atlassian’s first partner-led installation.

We at Go2Group are excited to have been a part of Atlassian’s success and want to reassure our readers that the ConnectALL ALM Router allows all leading ALM products to integrate seamlessly with one another. The ConnectALL platform, which is based on an enterprise service bus architecture, makes it easy to link all the major ALM systems. Different departments can work with the ALM vendors of their choice and still have all of their data, workflow, and requirements synchronized.