Go2Group Announces Partnership with QMetry

We are delighted to announce to you a new partner – QMetry, a developer of a flexible test management tool also named QMetry. They are a leader in the Test Management space and their platform has a strong, bi-directional integration with Atlassian JIRA, a well-known issue & project tracking tool.

QMetry integrates with JIRA to allow testers to enter bugs directly into JIRA from QMetry. These bugs will pull the relevant test case information into the defect to automatically provide steps to reproduce the bug, and testers can provide additional notes and attachments (log files, screenshots, etc.). QMetry can also link existing issues to Test Cases or Requirements. You can also setup automatic filters that pull JIRA issues to create new Test Cases and/or Requirements based on advanced search criteria.

In addition, with the QMetry plug-in JIRA users can have seamless access to Test Cases and Requirements in Qmetry right from their JIRA user interface. The plug-in helps you to:

  • Capture all relevant details from the JIRA issue to the Test Case, or Requirement in QMetry
  • Browse the test cases from JIRA and readily create a defect with one click
  • Steps to reproduce the defects migrate from test case to defect automatically
  • Associate a JIRA defect to Test Case or Requirement in QMetry right from JIRA
  • Search and find Test cases or Requirements in QMetry from JIRA
  • Browse QMetry projects, releases and builds

Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about QMetry and we’d gladly set up a demo for you.

Learn more about QMetry here.