Introducing Your New (Platinum) Atlassian Expert!

You may have heard the news, but Atlassian released a handful of exciting new items this week:

  • A new company logo
  • Atlassian OnDemand
  • Revamped Partner Program
  • A new website

In true Atlassian fashion, they made a really fun time of the event. With parties around the world (we were sponsoring parties in Miami (FL), Baltimore (MD), and Washington, DC), Mike Cannon-Brookes and his team made the big announcements.

Atlassian Launch Night: Mike

Atlassian Logo
Atlassian Logo
The new logo looks outstanding. As someone tweeted: It looks like Atlas has been working out since his last photo shoot. I like the inclusion of green and different shades of blue. Really nice.

Atlassian OnDemand

Atlassian OnDemand LogoProbably the biggest piece of the event. If you are familiar with JIRA Studio, you are going to fall in love with OnDemand. Terrific announcement for companies of all sizes – especially those starting out and those keeping a keen eye on resources (I think that’s, um, everyone?).

We’re super-excited about this announcement, since our products are being pushed up into the cloud. We’ll have some more news around the new Atlassian platform and our products.

Partner Program
The Atlassian Partner Program has been a terrific resource for Atlassian customers looking to extend their environments. From training, to consulting, to integration requests, it’s a great place to find what you need (and who can provide it).

Platinum Atlassian Experts LogoA few tweaks to the program were introduced on Tuesday. Along with the refreshed website, the ability to find a partner based on key pieces has now been simplified. In addition, the partners have been re-branded as ‘Experts’.

Go2Group is proud to be introduced as a ‘Platinum Expert‘.

New Website
Holy moly is the new website nice. It’s really easy to find details and it looks great.

By the way, if you are interested in hosting a community event (there something exciting coming up that would be fun to be a part of!), let me know. We quickly put together 3 or 4 different events for the Atlassian Launch Night and would enjoy helping to build your Atlassian community outreach.