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2017 – A Year of Pioneering and Building Relationships

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Twelve months can make a whole lot of difference! This year there was a momentum that strengthened our commitment to help businesses grow. As we wrap up and move forward to more adventures, we look back and reflect upon things that we love to do — making those who believed in us look brilliant. In addition to continuous transformation, continuous learning, continuous delivery, continuous integration, and more, this year we focused on being a complete DevOps expert!
“What a year this has been! Pursuing our vision — to become the preferred worldwide provider of IT delivery solutions that help enterprises achieve business agility — we have taken actions in 2017 that have made us stronger as an organization. It was not only 12 months of continuous transformation towards high performance, but also of continuous relationship building.” — Brett Taylor, President

A glimpse into Go2Group’s proudest achievements

Take a look at some of our must-read posts of 2017: JANUARY
Software Testing Magazine Contributor Prefers synapseRT Add-on
Software testing is an important component in software development. It is difficult to efficiently develop new software without effective testing. JIRA – one of the most popular tools for agile product development – helps development teams easily manage requirements, bugs, and tasks.
JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (Part 1)
Atlassian recently provided a Quick Start Guide with instructions on how to set up JIRA Software Data Center and Bitbucket Server Data Center on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The JIRA Data Center deployment option is designed for high availability, performance at scale, and instant scalability. In this blog, I will discuss the benefits of having JIRA Data Center on AWS and the steps needed to set up a JIRA Data Center instance on AWS.
JIRA Software Data Center on AWS (Part 2)
In my previous blog, I discussed the benefits of AWS and the benefits of setting up JIRA Data Center on AWS. I also created our Stack on AWS CloudFormation. In this installment, I will continue this discussion and finish by talking about the JIRA installation.
JIRA Development Cookbook – Third Edition is Available Now
Users of JIRA 7.0, and others interested in discovering JIRA, can learn to use this powerful tool by reading the JIRA Development Cookbook – Third Edition. The book, written by Go2Group’s Jobin Kuruvilla – an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner – explores a wide range of capabilities supported by JIRA 7.
Is Integration with DevOps Tools the Holy Grail for Ranorex and Jama Users?
Although requirements management and test automation may seem to be almost completely different, with different requirements and different data requirements, both share one thing: the need for easy integration with the development tools they are designed to work with.
DevOps Tools can Transparently Connect with MS Project Online
The acceptance of DevOps as a discipline enabling involvement between developers, managers, customers, and others along the entire product spectrum, has made communications between the individuals and teams involved in projects essential. However, teams performing different functions (development, quality control, resource management, marketing, and other tasks) use the tools best suited for their particular functions. The problem is these tools haven’t been designed to transparently share data with other tools.
Docker Swarm on AWS
Docker Swarm is Docker’s native clustering solution. It turns a group of Docker Engines into a single, virtual Docker engine using an API proxy system.  Here are some of the benefits of using Docker Swarm and advice on deploying a Docker Swarm into AWS.
Project Management – Beyond the Obvious
You already know project management is important. Developers and managers are already using it as part of their DevOps or agile development platforms. Those who don’t know about the importance of project management probably don’t want or need to know.
ConnectALL Integrates Microsoft TFS and Project Server
Microsoft no longer supports integration between Microsoft Project Server and Team Foundation Server 17 (TFS2017). For example, a project manager may want to have actual time logs from the TFS engineers automatically rolled into a Microsoft Project Plan – but TFS2017 and later versions no longer support this. Fortunately, ConnectALL does.
We’ll Show You DevOps Integration at Atlassian Summit 2017
It’s not too early to make your plans to attend Atlassian Summit 2017, in San Jose, California. Training, certification exams, hands on demonstrations, an expo hall filled with vendors, and two days of presentations make the Atlassian Summit 2017 one of the most valuable events you may attend this year. The Summit runs from September 11 through September 15, 2017.
Most Important Takeaways from Atlassian Summit 2017 (USA)
If you attended last week’s Atlassian Summit U.S. 2017, it was easy to get overwhelmed by all the useful information. You would have seen how to make your organization run more smoothly, improve communications, and increase its effectiveness. If you weren’t able to attend, you’re probably wondering what you missed.
Effective Tool Integration in ITSM can Boost Productivity – Part 1
If you aren’t efficiently coordinating your internal teams, your entire organization may be wasting time, money, and opportunities for productivity by failing to take advantage of integration tools. A common scenario in the B2B world is that a company uses an internal system like Jira or ServiceNow to track work items that are assigned to different personnel or teams to resolve issues; e.g., reset passwords, initiate processing of a PO, or stand up a virtual machine. Coordination among these internal teams is necessary for an efficient organization. 
Effective Tool Integration in ITSM can Boost Productivity – Part 2
In part one of this two-part blog series, I discussed how the ConnectALL Integration Platform can enable communication between teams almost instantaneously – processes, data (like status, priority, and assignee data), dependencies between issues (like “this issue depends on this other issue being resolved first”), comments, and attachments can be shared across an organization. The ConnectALL Integration Platform can create an efficient collaboration mechanism. The Platform also reduces the number of licenses needed for an application (ConnectALL only needs one license per application synchronized), and users only have to be trained on one platform. They continue to use the tool they are used to without having to switch to another tool in order to do manual data entry.
Three Lessons Learned from the DevOps Journey
DevOps is rapidly moving beyond development and operations into other IT groups – including Security, QA, and Testing – that contribute to the software development lifecycle. Despite its popularity, people in the field have only a vague idea about what DevOps is and what it can do for them.
Good Habits of a Software Engineer
I recently read a post on Quora about habits that can make you a better software engineer. Here are three good habits that every software engineer should adopt.
Simple Integration Can Help Meet Digital Business Needs
Last week, I attended the Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The summit was packed with information on some of the key business growth drivers and priorities facing today’s businesses: digital transformation, innovation, and customer experience. I met Gartner analysts, existing ConnectALL customers, and dozens of prospects and IT leaders looking to evolve their application integration strategies to empower business innovation. One of the sessions on my agenda was Gartner’s Massimo Pezzini on delivering “pervasive integration.” His presentation provided insight into Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) and crafting a self-service approach to integration. 11 Must-read DevOps Resources Ring in 2018 with brand new perspective. Whether you are getting started with your DevOps initiatives or are midway along the journey, you’ll need context to everything that you are experimenting. Investing in comprehensive reading material written by DevOps gurus will yield long-term results. 16 DevOps and IT Ops Events in 2018 You Just Can’t Miss DevOps matters now more than ever! As the interest in DevOps and IT Ops continues on the upswing, businesses are finding ways to automate, streamline, and accelerate software development and delivery processes. Building software products and offering services that satisfy customer needs requires constant interaction with industry leaders who have exhibited high performance. We made it easy for you and comprised a list of 16 interesting events and conferences in 2018, so you can plan ahead and create a convenient and value-packed schedule for your business.

Did you miss this from our highlights of 2017?

Checkout COO Lance Knight speak at DOES 2017 on How systems thinking and lean principles can be used to find dependencies and drive predictability in your system of delivery. As we kick off 2018 with aggressive goals and big ambitions, we thank you for making 2017 unforgettable. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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