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Atlassian Summit 2017: Day 1 Recap

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Atlassian Summit 2017, being held this week in San Jose, CA is a gathering of Atlassian users, Atlassian partners, the Atlassian team, and people interested in learning more about how Atlassian’s products can help their organizations to function more effectively. The Summit officially started on Wednesday, September 13. However, on Monday evening, a Partner’s reception was held, and on Tuesday, a special day for Atlassian partners was presented. Go2Group, Atlassian Platinum and Atlassian Enterprise partners, were at the Summit on both days. On Wednesday, September 13, we posted a blog about the events of the first two days. The blog that you’re reading now focuses on Go2Group’s experience on ‘Day 1’ of Summit 2017. Of primary interest to most readers are the new products and dramatic changes that Atlassian announced at its keynote presentation. The morning session started of with breakfast and the opening of the expo hall. Breakfast at SummitSnacks at Summit The Go2Group staff were at our booth (Booth #1021, located near the hall where the keynote was delivered). We were at the booth throughout Day 1, answering customer questions, demonstrating the ConnectALL Integration Platform, ConnectALL Insights, and discussing our services. The keynote presentation began at about 8:30 AM, and included new product announcements, new branding, and affirmation of the company’s direction. This year, Atlassian’s focus is on Team and Openness. The items that Atlassian presented revolved around these two themes. Atlassian has posted a recording of the keynote on YouTube  
  One of the first items that Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO at Atlassian, presented was the rebranding of Atlassian’s logos and applications. The new Atlassian logo ‘reflects the opportunity ahead’, Cannon-Brookes said. All products received new logos. Even the way that some of the product names are presented has changed – the product that was formerly known as Jira (all caps) is now Jira (mixed case). Rebranding of the Atlassian products was said to reflect the product characteristics and their relationships with each other. You can read more about the change here – Artboard-8@2x-1 (1).jpg Atlassian Product Names and new logos The application tools have become a conduit for communication between teams; and thus the need for a more familiar experience. This new change also incorporates more signal, less noise and simplicity over power. This can be clearly seen in the redesign of their cloud applications which goes live today for everyone. Here are some other highlights from the keynote:


Stride is Atlassian’s new take on the collaboration side that falls under the theme of Team. Stride focuses on bringing the lessons learned from HipChat into this brand new platform. It focuses on 3 different items:
  • Group chat and direct messaging
  • Voice & video conferencing
  • Application integration
Stride will be a Cloud based solution and EAP access can be requested at the Stride site.


Trello was demonstrated during the keynote. Trello was described as ‘the ultimate online sticky note’. Trello was designed to be an app that never changes when the environment changes and can be used by virtually any kind team (from. business to development, and even for personal communications). The Trello team announced a number of new features including: Trello’s boards have been integrated into Bitbucket Cloud as an issue tracking tool.

Data Center & Cloud

Data Center The Atlassian Data Center family of applications Atlassian has added HipChat and Crowd Data center to its group of Data Center applications. Atlassian Data Center’s solution provides active-active clustering, scaling that grows with the organization, deployment flexibility, high availability and redundancy. With the onboarding of Crowd into the Data Center family, we at Go2Group believe that this core product will bring confidence to the main point in an Atlassian installation. In the Cloud section, one of the main items introduced was Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud products. Identity Manager comes with:
  • SAML single sign-on to help your IT team streamline identity management
  • Enforced two-step verification, so the right people get the right access
  • Password policies to ensure that your company is using password best practices
  • Priority Cloud Support to help you resolve issues faster
Identity Manager will be made available (or coming soon) for all of the Cloud applications. You can learn more about the Identity Manager here.

Atlassian Teamwork Platform

Atlassian also introduced a new set of integrations that are built into the Cloud platform. The set of integrations is called Atlassian Teamwork Platform. The new platform revolves around connecting people with their work and is built around 3 different pillars:
  • People – Connecting you with the right people on your team at the right time, in the right context
  • Elements – Enabling teamwork through collaborative patterns, enabling teamwork in a consistent and fun way across our products
  • Home – Bringing together people and elements into one unified space, where they can easily focus on the work that is most important to them
With the Product Keynote concluded, the Go2Group team dispersed. Some of our team returned to our booth, and others attended the available sessions. If you are at the Atlassian Summit 2017 and haven’t seen us yet, we’d like to meet you. Come to our booth, #1021, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Atlassian products, application integration, DevOps and agile (and how we can help your organization to most smoothly implement them), or just to say ‘hello,’ we’ll be happy to meet you.  You can also feel free to send us a message using the Summit App. Tomorrow, we plan to present another blog about Day Two of the Summit. In future blogs, we’ll explore the new announcements from Atlassian, dig more deeply into the new products, and clarify how the items announced at the keynote can be used to improve your organization’s operations, improve communications across your organization, and provide other, qualitative and quantitative advantages to you and your organization.

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