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Cloud-Native: What Is It All About and Why Does It Matter?

While cloud-native development may sound like another industry buzzword, it might just be the breakthrough organizations need to speed up agility and business innovation. Going cloud-native means a lot more than just running your existing applications using cloud instances. It’s a concept that is founded on the understanding that getting software to work in the […]

Go2Group Hosts Customer Appreciation Night 2019

On April 10, Go2Group hosted a Customer Appreciation Night at Topgolf – the premier entertainment destination in Las Vegas. A fun evening of golf, sumptuous food, drinks, and wonderful camaraderie went underway as we brought our clientele together for an evening of celebration and recognition. Guests loved perfecting their swing while enjoying delicious bites and […]

Modernizing to Microservices? Keep These Challenges in Mind!

While microservices have been around for a while, they have recently gained significant traction as the basis for a software architecture in organizations looking to modernize their enterprise IT systems. Microservices are essentially an architectural style, where an application is structured as a collection of small, self-sufficient, domain-specific services that can be deployed and tested […]

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Continuous Delivery and DevOps

This blog was originally published on the CloudBees website on March 6, 2019. In today’s digital economy, customers have become accustomed to continuous innovation at unprecedented speeds. To produce great applications and services that measure up to customer expectations, you need strategic software development supported by modern development and delivery processes. Business leaders need to be aggressive […]

DevOps Trends 2019: Our Top Five Predictions for the Year

DevOps transformations have made major headway among enterprises in the past few years and will continue to be extensive, and 2019 is predicted to be a crucial time for leaders to plan for and implement it across industries. Among senior executives, there is growing acknowledgement of the fact that the role of DevOps is evolving — […]