Boards and mobile apps increase the value of Jira Core

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Business teams work more efficiently when using Jira Core enhancements

New feature enhancements to Jira Core make it easier for business teams to manage their projects. Since Jira was redesigned into three purpose-built versions last year, non-software teams have been using Jira Core to manage projects such as marketing, operations, finance, legal, human resources, and others. For organizations with a Jira Software Cloud instance, Jira Core is already included in Jira Cloud. Jira Core users have requested additional features, and the latest update of Jira Core delivers the most requested enhancements. 

Jira Core Boards make it easy to visualize business project management 

Organizations using a Jira Cloud instance may have noticed the Jira Core Labs  icon on the Jira sidebar. A board is automatically created every time a new project is created; all business projects now have boards. Jira Core Source: Atlassian  Jira Core business boards visually demonstrate defined workflows. The order of columns can easily be redefined by the project administrator to most accurately represent the order of processes managed. Boards provide an easy view of the tasks in a project. Tasks displayed in the boards provide the basic information required for project monitoring. Tasks can be quickly filtered using any of these three filters:
  • Assigned to me (the person viewing the task)
  • Due this week
  • Keyword
Tasks can be prioritized within each column by simply moving them up or down. This new capability makes it easy to prioritize tasks – just place the most important task at the top, and reposition tasks based on priority.

Mobile support brings Jira Core anywhere

Earlier this year, iPhone applications for Jira and Confluence were offered to Atlassian users. Now, Jira for Android (currently in Beta) is also available. These apps are now available for download by Jira Core Cloud users. With mobile apps, task management no longer requires a computer connection. The new phone apps support many of the same features available in Jira Core. Users of Jira for iPhone and Jira for Android (which can be viewed on Android phones, Android-enabled tablets and computers, and even on Android-enabled FireTV and other devices) can now enjoy the following features:
  • Users can check project progress in the same way they can see it on a laptop or desktop computer
  • Comments and feedback can be immediately entered so that opinions can be stated in a timely manner
  • Task notifications can be received on the iPhone or Android device, and team members can receive @mention notices when notifications are sent out
  • Users can search, transition, update, and add photos or videos to any task
The ability to work while mobile enables the team to avoid bottlenecks that occur when team members are away from their computers. If the team member has an iPhone or Android device, the member can continue using Jira Core as part of the team even when on the go. Jira for iPhone and Jira for Android can be downloaded here:   App Store Play Store Atlassian has provided an interesting video that demonstrates how one of its large customers is currently using Jira Core.
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