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Bring Your Confluence and SharePoint Online Teams Together

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If you’re a fan of the Go2Group blog, you know how important integration solutions are in today’s digital workplace. Sure, in a perfect world everyone would use the same platform. But we live in the real world, where businesses frequently struggle to manage multiple systems and bring together users who are resistant to learning new tools and changing the way they work. Smart administrators and managers understand that the solution to this problem isn’t migration. It’s integration. That’s why Communardo created the SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence. This powerful, yet simple integration app enables your teams to work as one using whichever system they prefer.

How competing collaboration platforms get in the way of innovation

Over the years, we’ve encountered quite a few customers who are using both Confluence and SharePoint Online. In many of these organizations, software teams adopted Confluence because of its free-form, easy-to-use wiki capabilities and integration with Jira. Meanwhile, business teams prefer SharePoint Online’s robust document management and workflow capabilities. On their own, each of these systems is great. But together, they can cause all kinds of headaches and make it difficult for cross-functional teams to collaborate. Sales teams don’t know where to find information, so a lot of time is wasted and work is duplicated. Project managers spend more time managing information across systems, instead of teams and schedules. And collaboration workflows break down, as users resort to emailing documents or, worse, storing them in private cloud accounts. This is not the way the digital workplace is supposed to work.

Bridging the gap between Confluence and SharePoint Online

The SharePoint Online Connector was built to seamlessly integrate Confluence and SharePoint Online. It gives you the best of both worlds: the powerful simplicity of Confluence wikis, along with the robust document management capabilities of SharePoint Online. With this app, it just takes a couple of clicks to embed SharePoint lists, documents, and more directly into Confluence wiki pages. Office 365 presentations, for instance, can be embedded as a preview within a product marketing page, so development teams can quickly review timelines, deliverables, and project requirements. If a user needs to make edits, he can simply open the presentation, make his changes, and save it—the SharePoint Online file is instantly updated. This eliminates all the headaches of downloading and re-uploading files, or emailing them back and forth. Likewise, SharePoint teams are now easily able to embed Confluence wiki pages, blog posts, and blog lists directly into SharePoint Online. This is particularly useful for keeping management and business teams up-to-date on the latest product developments. Now, everyone is on the same page, regardless of which system they prefer.

Try the new SharePoint Online Connector for free

Sign up for a 30-day free trial and start bringing your systems—and teams—together today. Need a solution for SharePoint On-Premises? There’s an app for that too.

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David Toussaint is an experienced consultant for Atlassian Jira and Confluence and the Head of Products at Communardo Software GmbH. Founded in 2001 in Dresden, Germany, Communardo is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner dedicated to helping customers connect their platforms, people, and data in powerful new ways.
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