Why Is Kubernetes Ideal for CI/CD and Reinforcing DevOps Goals?

In the current scenario, when companies are struggling with setting up their CI/CD pipelines for cloud-based applications, Kubernetes, a powerful open-source platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of application containers across hosts, has reinforced DevOps goals and proven to be the ideal solution to CI/CD. It not only improves traditional DevOps processes, including speed, efficiency, and resiliency, but also solves newer problems that comes with containers and micro services-based application architectures. In a quick interview at the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 event with DevOps.com Managing Editor Charlene O’Hanlon, Mike Maheu, VP – Engineering and Strategy, Go2Group, highlighted the increasing demand and conversations around Kubernetes and containerization, and the requirement of “speedy delivery with precision.” The most common question companies ask today is “how can we configure our applications so that we can do CI/CD with containers?” Mike also points out the challenges many organizations face in adopting DevOps. Here’s an excerpt of the interview. Charlene: Tell us a little about Go2Group and its services Mike: Go2Group has been in business for 13 years. We started out in source control management. We partnered with Atlassian 11 years ago. We basically help medium and small companies to develop software better through best practices and tooling. We strategically partner with companies like CloudBees and others so that we can become experts around tooling. We help companies improve not only with development but also agile — the entire requirements to delivery pipeline. That’s why we are here talking about DevOps. Charlene: Do you get into the trenches with these companies? Mike: We do get into the trenches. We do analysis and assessment to see what kind of services they require; a lot of large companies are fragmented with their tooling. So, we come up with a strategy. Agile has been around for a while and a lot of companies are good at it. But the problem today is that they can’t really deliver code quickly. They can iterate and sprint but can’t deliver code as fast as they iterate and sprint. So we are tightly coupling the DevOps aspect — the delivery part of it — with the rest of the software lifecycle.
The most common question companies ask today is “how can we configure our applications so that we can do CI/CD with containers?” — Mike Maheu, VP – Engineering and Strategy, Go2Group
Charlene: What are the biggest impediments for companies in moving code quickly? Mike: It goes top down. A lot of times there is not a lot of buy-in from the corporate perspective. A lot of the tools come from the bottom and end up with fragmentation. So, there should be a process that couples the actual tooling and what they (companies) are trying to do. Larger companies have multiple software, products, and a lot of different teams. The higher level wants to see across the landscape and they want to make sure that they are able to deliver the changes to their applications. The voices are raised up to the top. And they are struggling with delivering software — when we look at the old school ways of “here’s our application, please deploy in the same environment (sic).” These days I am talking a lot about newer technologies like containerization with Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins Core, and tying things to the cloud. A lot of companies are also wanting to move their on-premise tooling to cloud tooling. Charlene: Are a majority of these applications and development work being moved to the cloud or are they between cloud and on-premises? Mike: Not long ago, larger companies — government and financial — were scared of the cloud. The first step was when some of them got onto Git for their source control management and Atlassian has Bitbucket (sic). People started hosting their code outside their fortress. The first thing that large companies agree to put on their cloud are their Dev tools. Its low risk – the best bet to get speed of delivery when we talk about containerization and the power of the cloud to deliver at scale. It’s a powerful thing! Watch the full interview https://www.go2group.com/resources/videos/ For more information, write to us at marcom@go2group.com

How Jenkins X Is the Integrated CI/CD Solution for Kubernetes

Are you grappling with automating CI/CD for modern, cloud applications? In an ever-evolving technology landscape, you need the perfect assortment of tools, technologies, and practices to achieve the true benefits of DevOps. Cloudbees Jenkins X project is a Kubernetes-native CI/CD platform for developing cloud-native applications. Kubernetes has emerged as the de facto standard for container orchestration. Watch Mike Maheu’s 10-minute talk on “Jenkins X, the Integrated CI/CD Solution for Kubernetes” at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 to gain insights on how you can quickly setup modern CI/CD pipelines on top of Kubernetes with the set of core applications included with Jenkins X. Mike will take you to a brief tour of the overall vision and abilities of Jenkins X.
Let us know how you liked this talk and if you are interested in finding out more about our CloudBees services or attend a webinar on Jenkins X and Kubernetes. Write to us at marcom@go2group.com. #DevOpsMatters

Go2Group Named “Smartest Partner of the Year” at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

At last week’s DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 event at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, Go2Group was announced as the “Smartest Partner of the Year.” One of the biggest events on the tech calendar, DevOps World I Jenkins World is a highlight for DevOps practitioners using Jenkins for continuous delivery and is a multi-day event comprised of sessions, workshops, training and other learning opportunities. The Partners of the Year Awards were selected by the CloudBees channel team and presented to CloudBees partners in seven partner categories. Criteria for the awards included: number of customer engagements, a proven expertise in DevOps, and demonstrated delivery of DevOps solutions to mutual customers. In receiving this award, Go2Group was recognized by CloudBees for having successfully completed the most number of certifications and training for Jenkins within a year. This award further solidifies Go2Group’s position as a leader in providing thought leadership and guidance to enterprise customers through their DevOps and agile transformation initiatives, accelerating business agility and amplifying the overall value of their transformation. As a CloudBees Vista Channel Partner, Go2Group has a proven track record in DevOps leadership and implementation, providing tools and applications built on latest technology and processes, and a strong and dedicated team of trained and certified technical consultants. Go2Group’s offerings also include DevOps consulting and training, DevSecOps, integration, cloud hosting, and more to accelerate the business outcomes of enterprise organizations.

A Strategic Partnership with CloudBees® to Bring the Power of DevOps to Businesses Globally

Enterprises have a big challenge ahead of them. With experts predicting that DevOps is moving towards mainstream implementation, organizations — including federal agencies — are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-velocity and quality software, increase standardization, and implement best practices. Adopting DevOps practices and utilizing automation technology — which aids businesses with their digital transformation process — are more significant now than ever. Read more