Concurrent editing in Confluence 6.0

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Collaborative Editing

With Confluence 6.0 just around the corner, Atlassian has just released their first public milestone for Confluence 6.0. Collaborative editing in Confluence has brought the tool to the heights of Google Docs. Collaborating Editing Users of the Confluence 6.0.0-m6x and above should be able to test the collaborative editing functionality. With collaborative editing, users can see who else is editing t he page with them and see their changes in real time. Changes for all editors are saved and synced like usual so that nothing gets lost. Changes before the publish are always saved as shared drafts. Along with the new collaborative functionality, Atlassian recommends that Confluence instances be beefed up. Memory and CPU will need to be increased to cater for the new underlying libraries used to achieve the collaborative functionality. Firewall and proxies also need to be opened (

Other Juicy Functionality

Copy page hierarchies
By popular demand, you can now copy a page and all its child pages in one easy process. Use it to duplicate existing content, kick off new projects with the perfect pro-forma page hierarchy, or take a snapshot of important pages – the possibilities are endless.
Delete page hierarchies
When deleting a page you now have the option to delete just the current page, or to delete the page and all its child pages.


Of course, no one should be running this EAP version as their production instance and should only be used for testing purposes. Developers of Confluence add ons should also take this opportunity to start testing their add ons for compatibility (
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