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Drive Faster Time to Market with synapseRT 9.3

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The increase in ALM tools in the market sans test management capabilities has surely upped the need for test management software or tools that can combine flexibility with traceability, usability, and transparency — arming your testers, developers, and QAs to take on any testing challenge. synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.3 version for Jira, packed with interesting features that enhance traceability, assigning, and tracking — strengthening it as a holistic solution. synapseRT 9.3 comes with smarter and faster ways to manage requirements — import and export documents from others tools and numbering requirements for better traceability — and enhanced test plan and execution with an advanced search feature. Here’s a quick look at the new features:
  • Increase productivity with the brand new requirement import/export feature: You can now import and export entities like requirements, issues, tests, or steps from any other tool or platform in any format. Migrate requirements from other systems easily with requirement hierarchy and test case information maintained during the import.
  • Get enhanced traceability with the additional requirement numbering feature: You can now get an automated sequential numbering for your requirements (example: 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1). This makes it easier to see the requirement structure and also makes requirement traceability more convenient. This is in addition to the requirement hierarchy that synapseRT already supported.
  • Quicker turn around with advanced search feature: You can now take advantage of the JQL (Jira Query Language) feature, which is the most powerful and flexible way to search for issues in Jira. synapseRT starts to leverage JQL to enhance search functionality in various of pages to give users a convenient way to filter a set of test cases and test executions. Filter test cases as per specific criteria, and add/remove them from test cycles.
With all these additions, synapseRT continues to be the most powerful test management tool within Jira available in the market. Get the latest version to empower your testers and developers better.

Soumya Menon

Marketing Communication and Content Manager at Go2Group
Marketing Communication and Content Manager at Go2Group, responsible for communication and content marketing strategy. For 13 years, I have assisted businesses in B2B and B2C industries in integrating content marketing into their marketing plans to achieve their business goals. I specialize in creating and developing content (in-bound and out-bound) across various online and offline channels from websites, blogs, and social media platforms to email marketing, mobile marketing, and marketing communication collateral.
Soumya Menon
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