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Emerging Trends in Software Testing Through 2018

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In this age of digital transformation, testing is more than just a step or phase in the software development life cycle; it is an integral process that runs parallel to development. In the past few years, the testing industry has witnessed significant scaling due to the introduction of advanced technology. With the increasing application of artificial intelligence and automation, there were a few areas that successfully took testing to the next level, such as adoption of DevOps practices, tools, and applications, and test automation for web applications. According to Technavio’s study on the Global Software Testing System Integration Market 2015-2019 , the testing industry will see a growth at a CAGR of 14.6% through 2019. Large enterprises will prioritise improvement initiatives with a focus on faster delivery and quality, which makes it imperative for them to introduce advanced testing methods to foster significant growth. In an earlier post, we looked at some of the factors that a tester or developer need to consider while using a test management tool. As technology continues to evolve, specialized testing skills are in demand. The software industry will relentlessly put in effort to shorten release schedules and the finding more time for testing. Here are some of the software testing trends that the rest of 2018 will witness: Continual adoption of DevOps: More organizations will employ DevOps practices across the enterprise with growing emphasis on automation and integration. Vendors will introduce more tools to support automated testing and continuous integration. Increasing number of open source tools: More companies are opting for open source tools that are inexpensive and at the same time will offer support and ease of use. Emerging importance of integration: Test automation and test management tools, like synapseRT for Atlassian Jira, will offer integration features with various DevOps and agile toolsets and test environments, for smarter decision-making with regard to software testing and quality, and shortening testing and delivery time. Different types of testing methods become popular: Digital testing will become more popular as companies see the value it adds to customer experience; static and dynamic security testing is imperative today with IoT and the increasing need to secure applications; cloud-based testing for web-based applications is another increasing trend with the use of real web traffic to also check performance and scalability; mobile application testing will continue to gain popularity along with Big Data testing. Combining manual and automated testing: This trend will continue through the next few years with testing strategies that will leverage from both manual and automated approaches. Analytics gains importance: With the increase in artificial intelligence and machine learning practices, intelligent test automation technologies and tools will emerge for smarter analytics to diagnose defects, test cases, test data, reusing test scripts, and overall performance and quality. Increasing application of API testing processes: Independent testers will be responsible for API and services testing to help reduce time to market and improve software quality.

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