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Go2Group’s Solutions Architect Shares Top-notch Ubuntu Tips in Latest Book

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“I’ve always been a big fan of the Ubuntu platform, having used it since the very first release. My goal is to pass along my extensive knowledge of Ubuntu to others.” Jeremy (Jay) LaCroix, Solutions Architect, Go2Group With the newest Ubuntu Server 18.04 having taken data centres by storm and becoming popular with features such as new default desktop GNOME 3.28, better boot speed, new “minimal installation” option, new default applications, Linux Kernel 4.15 and others, it is more than essential to understand how to master Ubuntu. Jay LaCroix’s book “Mastering Ubuntu Server – Second Edition,” delves into the art of deploying, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting Ubuntu server 18.04. Published by Packt, this is Jay’s fourth book in four years. A technologist and open-source enthusiast, specializing in Linux, Jay has been working with Go2Group as a Solutions Architect from March 26, 2018 and plays a crucial role in the operations team. Jay is expecting to start work on his next book in winter. His other three books Linux Mint Essentials (2014), Mastering Linux Network Administration (2015), and Mastering Ubuntu Server (2016) have garnered good reviews and fame in the technology space. Ubuntu is a powerful, scalable, and reliable Linux distribution with enhanced features, and is beneficial to both large and small projects, no matter how simple or complex the server deployments. It adapts easily to the needs of an organization. In a nutshell, here’s what you’ll get to read to come an expert Ubuntu Server administrator.
  • Learn all about Ubuntu Server — from initial deployment to creating production-ready resources for your network — concept of user management, group management, filesystem permissions, managing storage volumes, formating storage devices, utilizing logical volume management, and monitoring disk usage.
  • Learn how to virtualize hosts and applications, which will cover setting up KVM/QEMU, as well as containerization with both Docker and LXD.
  • Learn how to automate configuration with Ansible.
  • Explore best practices and troubleshooting techniques that are applicable to real-world scenarios.

You can follow Jay on LinkedIn @jeremylacroix, Twitter @JayTheLinuxGuy, and YouTube Jay LaCroix is Go2Group’s second published author. You may also check out an extensive list of books written by Go2Group’s Jobin Kuruvilla on Atlassian Jira. Happy reading! Want to share your review or get more information? Write to us at

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