Microsoft CRM integration with Jira

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Everybody knows the importance of a customer relationship management application for any organisation. It is widely used to capture all activities with customers, and share data for internal and external purpose. Traditionally, CRM systems have been regarded as sales tools, only specific to sales process. Today, companies are seeing value in sharing customer information throughout the organisation. Sharing customer records is essential for departments other than sales, like marketing and support. Software companies are focusing on actively engaging customers with different business functions to ensure 100% satisfaction, and build products that intend to delight their consumers.

Today, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading applications in CRM space, leading the way in scalability and innovation across the globe. It differentiates by giving company the ability to leverage its Microsoft investments. While sales teams prefer Microsoft CRM, on the other hand, development and support functions rely on a powerful project management tool like Atlassian Jira, to build awesome products.

In the process of building the best solution, it is critical for any software manufacturer to ensure tighter collaboration between teams, and their systems. Having multiple logins for multiple systems to access data, can bring inefficiency into the process. Today, support and development teams need an access to essential customer records, all from one system.

Go2Group, the Atlassian Platinum Expert, and the largest reseller of Atllassian tools, provides an easy solution to integrate your Microsoft CRM with Jira. The CRM plugin is an upgraded version of the existing Salesforce connector to Jira. The plugin’s support functionalities extend Jira to bidirectionally sync data with Microsoft CRM – automatically. No more switching systems. Jira users can associate multiple cases to a single issue for enhanced traceability. Now, your support team can effortlessly reach out to right contacts, and execute customer issues faster!

Bharath Venkatesh

Bharath Venkatesh

Marketing Manager at Go2Group
Marketing Professional with over 6 years of experience driving profitable solutions to drive sales, and maintain customers, and build a strong corporate brand. My focus has been dedicated to developing effective go-to-market strategies for new products and services, driving sales through promotional channels in online, email and social media. Specialization in B2B and B2C marketing tactics, such as Go-to-Market Strategies, Product Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Development and Market Research.
Bharath Venkatesh
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