Key Takeaways From The Biggest Atlassian User Conference 2017

Most important takeaways from Atlassian Summit 2017 (USA)

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If you attended last week’s Atlassian Summit U.S. 2017, it was easy to get overwhelmed by all the useful information. You would have seen how to make your organization run more smoothly, improve communications, and increase its effectiveness. If you weren’t able to attend, you’re probably wondering what you missed. In this blog, I’ll go over some of what I consider to be the most important highlights from the event.
  1. Atlassian changed its logo and the branding for its products. Why should this matter? It matters because Atlassian is signaling to the world that it’s focused on communications and collaboration. The company logo, according to Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO at Atlassian, the logo “reflects the opportunity ahead.” The updated product logos “reflect the product characteristics and their relationships with each other.”Artboard-8@2x-1 (1).jpg
  2. Trello was presented for the first time at a U.S. Atlassian Summit. Trello is a tool that is useful for collaboration. Trello now integrates with Atlassian software, and now supports multiple devices – web, mobile, watches and tablets. It’s a communication tool that is used within organizations, groups, and has even been used to improve communications between a busy couple.
  3. A number of improvements were made to the Atlassian Server and Data Center.
    • It can now scale agile practices
    • It can run DevOps at scale
    • The core infrastructure was improved
    • Project level administration was added – this replaced the need to make everyone a global administrator
  4. Atlassian is adding an Identity Manager for Atlassian Cloud
  5. Bitbucket has been given three new features:
    • Service containers
    • Build and push
    • Support for multiple steps
  6. Jira Service Desk also received some of the most requested enhancements.
    • Design capabilities will allow users to easily modify the look and feel of pages
    • The portal now supports internationalization.
    • An embedded service desk enables the organization to add help to customers wherever they are located.
  7. Atlassian Teamwork Forum was announced. This forum underpins all products and enables people to collaborate effectively with others inside and outside of the organization.
  8. Stride was announced at the Summit’s product keynote.Stride enables human messaging. It features a tool for meetings that are fully integrated, cross-platform events. Stride also provides collaboration tools.
  9. I would be somewhat remiss if I didn’t mention the presentations from our customers.
    • Vladimir Belorusets, Director of Software Quality Assurance at Bluescape, gave a talk entitled Choosing a Test Management Solution for Jira Software. In this presentation, he pointed out that Jira, out of the box, doesn’t provide issue types for handling test management. As a result, users who want to integrate test management must select an add-on that delivers test management capabilities. Vladimir’s presentation explored Bluescape’s experience using Go2Group’s synapseRT add-on that delivered the test management capabilities that Bluescape required.
    • Madhu Prakhya, Director of SQA at IGT, gave a presentation entitled Complex Organization Changes and Selection of Comprehensive Solutions! In this presentation, Madhu pointed out that changing markets, changing dynamics, and new solutions make it challenging to understand the changing environment. The presentation explored how IGT has selected and implemented the tools it needs to easily manage a changing environment.
The presentations will be loaded onto our YouTube channel soon. Go2Group answered countless questions about our products and services. We demonstrated ConnectALL, our application integration platform, and demonstrated ConnectALL Insights, our data access tool for DevOps and agile. The list that I’ve provided is not complete – there was so much more that was available at the Summit. Go2Group is an Atlassian Platinum and Atlassian Enterprise Solution Partner. Our experts are carefully evaluating the announcements, updates, and new products that were presented at the Summit.  For more information about Go2Group, DevOps, agile, and Go2Group’s services please contact us.
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