synapseRT NextGen 8.4 is out now!

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The much-awaited synapseRT NextGen 8.4 is out now with cool integrations and new features. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new:

Time estimation and forecast

This is one of the most requested features by synapseRT NextGen customers. Now synapseRT NextGen enables testers to estimate effort in a test case and log actual effort in the test run. With this data, synapseRT NextGen presents forecasted effort at each level: Test Case, Test Cycle, and Test Plan respectively. The estimated effort and actual effort are further presented in synapseRT NextGen reports as well.


This is yet another feature requested by many of our customers. With this release synapseRT NextGen seamlessly integrates with Jenkins and Bamboo. In other words, synapseRT NextGen provides the capability to perform automated testing with the help of this integration. Let Bamboo/Jenkins listen to the repository of your and let synapseRT NextGen trigger the appropriate build and capture its results and artifacts. For further details on how to do this, refer to our user guide for step-by-step approach.

Import from Test Link

Are you working in Test Link and want to move to synapseRT NextGen for your test case management? We offer this simple way to import your test cases from Test Link; all you need to do is export from Test Link as an XML file and import into synapseRT NextGen to continue your testing. It’s that simple.

Multiple bug types

When we launched, we thought there could be only one bug type in an instance, but various interactions with our customers on different use-case scenarios taught us otherwise. We understand that some may need more than one issue type in an instance that could be a bug type. With this release, multiple issue types can be mapped as bug types, similarly to the way in which multiple issue types can be mapped as requirement types.

New synapseRT NextGen permission: browse synapseRT NextGen panels

This is another cool feature that comes with this release. With this permission, you will now be able to control which group of users can see the synapseRT NextGen panels on a given issue. To quote a use case, say team XYZ is reporting a story against which the testing team writes and executes test cases. If team XYZ wants to keep the testing activities on the story abstract only to the testing team, this permission would come to the rescue.

Improved Test Suite actions

Up until now, you were only able to perform actions like “Export,” Move,” or “Copy,” on test cases at either the Test Suite level or the Sub Suite level within a test suite. Now, with the 8.4 release onwards, you will be able to selectively export, move, or copy test cases within a test suite. This adds greater flexibility in organizing test cases in test suites.

Bulk clone

You will now be able to perform a bulk clone of test cases in a test suite. In a similar way to how selective “Export,” “Move,” or “Copy” is done, you will be presented with another option to clone selected test cases to the desired suite. This is yet another rewarding feature, as there is no native way of performing a bulk clone in Jira, though users often encounter scenarios in which it would be preferable to clone in bulk.

UI improvements

Last but not least, synpaseRT NextGen 8.4 brings countless UI improvements across the product. We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the product’s usability, and will continue to do so in the future as well.   Update to the latest version at Marketplace. For a detailed user guide and help understanding and using the product, take a look at our user guide. Looking for support? Raise a support ticket with us.

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