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synapseRT NextGen 8.5 is out now!

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synapseRT NextGen 8.5 features a wide range of performance and stability improvements and sports all the feature additions of the five previous versions of synapseRT 8.x. In addition to merely boosting the performance and stability of synapseRT NextGen’s latest version, we’ve added some important new features and improved other product components.  Here is a quick overview of some of the many improvements in synapseRT NextGen 8.5:

We’ve added a new gadget that we call “Test Results by Test Cycles”

Test Results by Test Cycles is a completely new gadget that we’ve introduced in this version. It lists all the test cycles in your test plan, along with the test execution status. This way, you can easily get a brief status report on any given test plan.

We’ve created a new Defects panel in the requirement issue

The new Defects panel produces a list of defects and replaces the “View Bugs” button built into the earlier version. This new Defects panel provides an easier way to read defects reported against a requirement issue.

We’ve made a change to the User Interface in the test case issue

The Ad Hoc Test Run panel adds more attributes for each ad hoc test run. The Requirements panel has been moved to the right side of screen. With these changes, we have provided improved usability for ad hoc test runs and optimal white space utilization for the Requirements panel.

The “ABORTED” test cycle is now removable

Some customers have told us they want to be able to remove test cycles that have been aborted from their test plans. From this version forward, we are providing the ability to remove “aborted” test cycles – enabling our users to reduce the size of their test plans and produce only test plans that carry necessary information.

“Time Tracking” is now configurable

We’ve now added a configuration option for our “time estimation and forecast” feature. With this option, you can enable/disable Time Tracking from the configuration page.

The most recent execution information is now added to the Test Case Run dialog

A new section called “Test Case Details” was introduced to the Test Case Run dialog, enabling a user currently working on test execution to know the result and defects generated during the previous test execution.

Import/Export now supports more synapseRT entities

  • Support to import an “Estimate” value when importing a test case
  • Support to export an “Estimate” value when exporting a test case/report
  • Support to export a test plan issue with synapseRT entities

User Interface improvements

Finally, synpaseRT NextGen 8.5 brings countless UI improvements across the product. We are always looking for opportunities to improve the product’s usability, and will continue to do so in the future.
Update to the latest version at  Marketplace. For a detailed user guide to help you better understand and use the product, please check ou the  user guide. If you would like to raise a support ticket with us, log it at our  service desk. For more information about synapseRT NextGen 8.5, please contact us.

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