Go2Group Hosts Customer Appreciation Night 2019

On April 10, Go2Group hosted a Customer Appreciation Night at Topgolf – the premier entertainment destination in Las Vegas. A fun evening of golf, sumptuous food, drinks, and wonderful camaraderie went underway as we brought our clientele together for an evening of celebration and recognition. Guests loved perfecting their swing while enjoying delicious bites and an open bar.

The event was a wonderful gathering of the wider Go2Group family consisting of our most valued clients, partners and various other stakeholders. It was an opportunity for us to acknowledge each relationship individually, while reflecting on all that has been achieved at Go2Group over the last twelve months and what lies ahead on the horizon.

The big takeaway is that we continue to focus on building and nurturing long-standing, meaningful relationships with the diverse group of people that we do business with. We are looking forward to exciting times ahead as we focus on providing more personalized services and enhanced support for our clients and partners, and help them strategically align their IT and business goals for greater business value and digital transformation success.

Go2Group Receives Appfire’s 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award

Go2Group is the proud recipient of Appfire’s 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award for having achieved a combination of revenue and year-over-year growth in reselling Appfire Atlassian apps.

Go2Group’s Enver Camlicay, Account Manager, Atlassian Licences received the award on behalf of the company. At Go2Group, we are thrilled to not only receive this award but also about our continued partnership with Appfire.

“This award is our way of recognizing Go2Group for all of their hard work and expertise reselling Appfire’s family of Atlassian apps over the last year. We are honored to partner with such a fantastic team and are thrilled for what 2019 has in store together,” said Randall Ward, Co-Founder and CEO at Appfire.

“It is our honor to celebrate our partners at Go2Group with Appfire’s 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award. Go2Group has shown impressive growth and success as a partner reselling Appfire’s family of Atlassian apps, and we truly appreciate their continued hard work and expertise,” said Mat Gauvin, Co-Founder and COO at Appfire.

The Appfire 2018 Red Hot Reseller Award recognizes an elite group of software resellers in the Atlassian ecosystem with strong year-over-year growth and outstanding sales volume of Appfire’s Bob Swift, Wittified, and Feed Three Atlassian apps. Appfire is an award-winning Platinum Top Vendor and has been a global authority in the Atlassian ecosystem for more than 13 years. Appfire’s popular Bob Swift, Wittified, and Feed Three product brands comprise the largest portfolio of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace with 60+ purpose-built products and over 31,000 active installations worldwide.

To learn more about the Appfire apps for Atlassian, contact us.

We Have Expanded Our Presence with a New Office in South Carolina

This past week, Go2Group achieved a significant milestone: we opened a new office in South Carolina. Founded in 2002, Go2Group already has a worldwide presence with established offices in Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii, as well as Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Chennai.

With this expansion, we consolidate our presence in the US market, hot on the heels of the appointment of our new CEO, Tom Stiling, toward the end of last year. The move will allow us to build on our continued momentum in accelerating customer success, with enterprise-level strategic services and solutions around application modernization, Agile and DevOps practices and Cloud, and create stronger relationships with new and existing customers.

We are looking forward to the months ahead as we establish ourselves in South Carolina and focus on providing more personalized services and enhanced support for our customers and partners in the wider region, while developing an exceptional talent pool as well as new career opportunities internally. Most of all, we are excited about building and nurturing longer-term relationships with our customers as we help them strategically align their IT and business goals for enhanced business value and digital transformation success. 

2018 in retrospect: A Year of New Ventures and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.” – Ernest Hemingway A lot can happen in 12 months — and we spent all year round listening to our stakeholders and helping them deliver enhanced customer experience! 2018 was a year of grandeur — great accomplishments, new ventures, new connections, and most importantly we were awarded for our efforts. Strengthening our core offerings — DevOps, Application Modernization, and Cloud, our services help businesses achieve digital transformation and business agility. While you will see a lot happening in 2019, we can say proudly that 2018 was a year of learning and new experiences — for our clients and us!
“We have an outstanding core of employees and I have all confidence that we will exceed our 2018 performance significantly in 2019 and beyond.” — Tom Stiling, CEO Go2Group

Get a glimpse of all the action that unfolded in Go2Group in 2018!

Take a look at some of the top posts of 2018!

December My First 60 Days as CEO of Go2Group In October 2018, I decided to accept the job as CEO of Go2Group — going operational again after nearly a decade behind the scenes of various Board of Director rooms across the globe. November DevSecOps – How to Be Swift and Secure While a growing number of organizations continue to implement, expand, and perfect their DevOps game, the focus on speed to market at the expense of security is making them increasingly vulnerable to the risk of cyberthreats and data breaches. The risks of security missteps remain real, immediate, and extremely costly, as demonstrated by the recent HBO hack that led to the leak of two episodes of its widely popular show ‘Game of Thrones’, or the massive security breach at Equifax exposing the sensitive personal information of 143 million Americans. It is becoming clear that a secure DevOps process is critical to the business of software creation and launching. Drive Faster Time to Market with synapseRT 9.3 The increase in ALM tools in the market sans test management capabilities has surely upped the need for test management software or tools that can combine flexibility with traceability, usability, and transparency — arming your testers, developers, and QAs to take on any testing challenge. synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.3 version for Jira, packed with interesting features that enhance traceability, assigning, and tracking — strengthening it as a holistic solution. How Jenkins X Is the Integrated CI/CD Solution for Kubernetes Are you grappling with automating CI/CD for modern, cloud applications? In an ever-evolving technology landscape, you need the perfect assortment of tools, technologies, and practices to achieve the true benefits of DevOps. Cloudbees Jenkins X project is a Kubernetes-native CI/CD platform for developing cloud-native applications. Why Is Kubernetes Ideal for CI/CD and Reinforcing DevOps Goals? In the current scenario, when companies are struggling with setting up their CI/CD pipelines for cloud-based applications, Kubernetes, a powerful open-source platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of application containers across hosts, has reinforced DevOps goals and proven to be the ideal solution to CI/CD. It not only improves traditional DevOps processes, including speed, efficiency, and resiliency, but also solves newer problems that comes with containers and microservices-based application architectures. September Go2Group Named “Smartest Partner of the Year” at DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 At last week’s DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 event at the Marriott Marquis in San Francisco, Go2Group was announced as the “Smartest Partner of the Year.” One of the biggest events on the tech calendar, DevOps World I Jenkins World is a highlight for DevOps practitioners using Jenkins for continuous delivery and is a multi-day event comprised of sessions, workshops, training and other learning opportunities. The Partners of the Year Awards were selected by the CloudBees channel team and presented to CloudBees partners in seven partner categories. Criteria for the awards included: number of customer engagements, a proven expertise in DevOps, and demonstrated delivery of DevOps solutions to mutual customers. The Biggest News From the Product Keynote at Atlassian Summit 2018 Atlassian’s annual developer conference, Atlassian Summit, is currently underway in Barcelona. The event invites agile enthusiasts and passionate Atlassian users to network with industry leaders, share agile development strategies and inspire change. August synapseRT 9.2 Is Here with New Parametrization Feature Parametrization is particularly important in an agile software environment. As your agile organization evolves, testing needs to hit the accelerator and keep pace with an accelerating development lifecycle, while still maintaining a high standard of software quality in order to fulfill customer expectations. With our new synapseRT 9.2 release for Atlassian Jira, we have upped our test execution game with test case parameters. This will allow testers to run the same baselined test case several times with multiple data inputs at runtime specified at the test step level, without having to create duplicate test cases — saving a lot of time! June DevOps: The Key to Speed up Your Digital Transformation Digital transformation has triggered companies to relook at existing business models and their approach to operationalize day-to-day processes. Nowhere is this more evident than software development. To meet the demands of advanced innovation and quicker delivery of new applications and services, IT teams are transitioning to DevOps models that close the gap between development and operations. May Proud partner of a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant As an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, Go2Group is proud to share that Atlassian has been named a leader in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools for the second time. Atlassian’s EAP software products Jira Software and Portfolio for Jira help teams successfully practice agile development and release great software at scale. Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Adopting DevOps Is DevOps implementation easy? The likes of Netflix and Facebook have shown continuous improvement reiterating the technical and business benefits of DevOps — shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and faster time to market. On the other hand, a high percentage of enterprises are still figuring it out — oscillating between short and quick successes and failing to make the big jump to mainstream. April Emerging Trends in Software Testing Through 2018 In this age of digital transformation, testing is more than just a step or phase in the software development life cycle; it is an integral process that runs parallel to development. In the past few years, the testing industry has witnessed significant scaling due to the introduction of advanced technology. With the increasing application of artificial intelligence and automation, there were a few areas that successfully took testing to the next level, such as adoption of DevOps practices, tools, and applications, and test automation for web applications. March Four Factors to Consider While Choosing a Test Management Tool As a tester, developer, or test manager, you must love shopping — specifically for test management tools? But the dilemma is that you have too many options, right? The pressure to vet software to make sure it is market ready is increasingly becoming complex and tricky, and vendors are not making it easy by providing a myriad of multifunctional test management solutions. Have you considered narrowing down your options with simple ‘what can it do for me’ pointers? February A Strategic Partnership with CloudBees® to Bring the Power of DevOps to Businesses Globally Enterprises have a big challenge ahead of them. With experts predicting that DevOps is moving towards mainstream implementation, organizations — including federal agencies — are under tremendous pressure to deliver high-velocity and quality software, increase standardization, and implement best practices. Adopting DevOps practices and utilizing automation technology — which aids businesses with their digital transformation process — are more significant now than ever. January 10 Nifty DevOps Tools in 2018 Let’s face it — no single tool can offer all the capabilities to get you through your DevOps approach. You need to find the right mix of tools, strategies, and teams to suit their workflows and approaches. With 2018 projecting a movement for DevOps into mainstream implementation, this becomes even more relevant. DevOps Goes Mainstream: Top Trends for 2018 DevOps gets a jumpstart in 2018 with predictions of an early mainstream adoption and implementation. Analysts, IT leaders, and DevOps experts declared 2017 as ‘the year of DevOps’ and have predicted some major trends for DevOps in 2018. After digging deep and picking the brains of a few DevOps experts, we believe that DevOps will slowly enter the turf of mainstream adoption but it comes with barriers that may continue to exist through 2020. We can only be prepared for what’s coming! Five Tips to Kick Some Butt in Your DevOps Journey “The key to following the continuous delivery path is to continually question your own assumptions about what’s possible.” — Jeff Sussna The benefits of DevOps are clear — high-performance, faster deployment, and quicker response to crisis. Businesses today are either getting started with DevOps or have it in pockets but find it difficult to scale up to an enterprise-wide implementation. Protect Your Atlassian Suite With Two-Factor Authenticator Are you using old authentication methods that make your account information vulnerable to security threats? Gain control over who can access your Atlassian tools with Go2Group’s Two-Factor Authenticator app for your Atlassian Suite. As we kick off 2019 with aggressive goals and big ambitions, we thank you for making 2018 unforgettable. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Why Is Kubernetes Ideal for CI/CD and Reinforcing DevOps Goals?

In the current scenario, when companies are struggling with setting up their CI/CD pipelines for cloud-based applications, Kubernetes, a powerful open-source platform for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of application containers across hosts, has reinforced DevOps goals and proven to be the ideal solution to CI/CD. It not only improves traditional DevOps processes, including speed, efficiency, and resiliency, but also solves newer problems that comes with containers and micro services-based application architectures. In a quick interview at the DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018 event with Managing Editor Charlene O’Hanlon, Mike Maheu, VP – Engineering and Strategy, Go2Group, highlighted the increasing demand and conversations around Kubernetes and containerization, and the requirement of “speedy delivery with precision.” The most common question companies ask today is “how can we configure our applications so that we can do CI/CD with containers?” Mike also points out the challenges many organizations face in adopting DevOps. Here’s an excerpt of the interview. Charlene: Tell us a little about Go2Group and its services Mike: Go2Group has been in business for 13 years. We started out in source control management. We partnered with Atlassian 11 years ago. We basically help medium and small companies to develop software better through best practices and tooling. We strategically partner with companies like CloudBees and others so that we can become experts around tooling. We help companies improve not only with development but also agile — the entire requirements to delivery pipeline. That’s why we are here talking about DevOps. Charlene: Do you get into the trenches with these companies? Mike: We do get into the trenches. We do analysis and assessment to see what kind of services they require; a lot of large companies are fragmented with their tooling. So, we come up with a strategy. Agile has been around for a while and a lot of companies are good at it. But the problem today is that they can’t really deliver code quickly. They can iterate and sprint but can’t deliver code as fast as they iterate and sprint. So we are tightly coupling the DevOps aspect — the delivery part of it — with the rest of the software lifecycle.
The most common question companies ask today is “how can we configure our applications so that we can do CI/CD with containers?” — Mike Maheu, VP – Engineering and Strategy, Go2Group
Charlene: What are the biggest impediments for companies in moving code quickly? Mike: It goes top down. A lot of times there is not a lot of buy-in from the corporate perspective. A lot of the tools come from the bottom and end up with fragmentation. So, there should be a process that couples the actual tooling and what they (companies) are trying to do. Larger companies have multiple software, products, and a lot of different teams. The higher level wants to see across the landscape and they want to make sure that they are able to deliver the changes to their applications. The voices are raised up to the top. And they are struggling with delivering software — when we look at the old school ways of “here’s our application, please deploy in the same environment (sic).” These days I am talking a lot about newer technologies like containerization with Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins Core, and tying things to the cloud. A lot of companies are also wanting to move their on-premise tooling to cloud tooling. Charlene: Are a majority of these applications and development work being moved to the cloud or are they between cloud and on-premises? Mike: Not long ago, larger companies — government and financial — were scared of the cloud. The first step was when some of them got onto Git for their source control management and Atlassian has Bitbucket (sic). People started hosting their code outside their fortress. The first thing that large companies agree to put on their cloud are their Dev tools. Its low risk – the best bet to get speed of delivery when we talk about containerization and the power of the cloud to deliver at scale. It’s a powerful thing! Watch the full interview For more information, write to us at

Go2Group year in review

In a previous blog post, I gave thanks to Go2Group’s employees and partners. Now, as we at Go2Group wrap up the calendar year, I want to thank the most important people to our company: our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. In fact, when we started Go2Group, our singular focus was in bringing additional value to the customer. Read more

As it happened: Go2Group grabs 5 awards at Summit14!

Go2Group celebrates grabbing five awards at this year’s biggest Atlassian conference. The Altassian Summit 2014, that was held in San Jose, CA during the second week of September, was the largest gathering of Atlassian’s customers from all over the world. The annual conference was a great success, and thank you to everyone who played a role in making it happen. Go2Group is super excited to receive the awards for all the effort and hard work by the entire team.

Go2Group Expert Team

As Platinum Altassian Experts, Go2Group has been leading the chart as #1 expert in North America. At Go2Group, we believe in hard work, and team effort in delivering the value to our customers. The credit goes to the entire team and recognition like these, build stronger alliance with customers and partners. Here are the list of awards received by Go2Group Experts:
  • Charlie club award 2014
  • Top Confluence Questions sales and sprint winner
  • Top Confluence Questions overall sales
  • Top selling Experts Americas
  • User group community award
Go2Group awards at Summit14 We thank Atlassian for the recognition as our experts supercharge business solutions to delight customers. You can keep totally up to date with our events by following us on @Go2Group and ofcourse to get the latest blog scoop.

The Future of Java from JavaOne 2014.

JavaOne was one of the most anticipated technology conferences of this year. The event had many key takeaways from Oracle and Java communities worldwide. Atlassian and our team together, had madness 5 full-days of 360 degree exposure to the core java platform and what it has to offer for our future through excellent keynote and sessions, demos, user groups, receptions, and some great customer interactions. JavaOne Five key takeaways:
  • “Create the future” – A great initiative to encourage children into programming. Ways to prepare them to be the next generation Java developers.
  • Embracing Java 8 and rallies for Java 9: Release of Java 8 and how its adoption rate has increased over the last few months and new advancements slated for Java 9.
  • Grow with Java user groups: Oracle continuous to encourage Java communities across the globe to drive innovation. Setting up system to take feedback from the communities to improve Java and make it even better.
  • loT (internet of things): Hot topic that was discussed as a Strategy in the keynote session. The announcement was about Open loT Stack for Java. This is an initiative to collaborate Java developers to re-use frameworks and core service, based on the open source standards.
  • Agile development sessions: Expert sessions on sharing the best practices in Agile development and new techniques for continuous delivery.
Oracle continues to work and drive innovation to deliver the new-age demands that touches common man’s life everyday through technology. The JavaOne 2014 had in-depth exploration in the latest advancements in Java, and how it can transform business. If you missed it this year, here is your access to sessions from the event.

Test Case Management and Requirements Traceability in Jira – Atlassian Summit 2014

Atlassian Summit 2014 was a stunning experience with 7 breakout sessions, 20 interactive trainings, and 70+ exhibitors sharing knowledge and experiences with the largest gathering of Atlassian customers. It was a right platform for highlights on achievements, new goals and success stories from the Atlassian world. There was live streaming of the event for people to connect virtually, from across the globe. And if you had neither of the options, we have the entire keynote session recording available for you from the Atlassian team. There were plenty of opportunities for customers to showcase their values and the improvements that Atlassian products have brought to their businesses. SafeNet was one among them. And we are proud to have worked very closely, from setting strategic goals till delivering value for their team. Our services have played a significant role in building an customized Atlassian solution for SafeNet. The session was scheduled on 11 September, 2014 and was titled as ‘Test Case Management and Requirements Traceability in Jira’. At a brief, the session covered key things to consider when choosing a test case management solution for any Enterprise. Also highlighting how to use Jira for requirement traceability, test case management and execution. Post the presentation, the demo covered how synapseRT plugin for Jira, could drive value in their entire project. You can access the Summit 2014 presentation for more detail about the problem, and the strategic steps considered to build their solution

JaM 10 – it’s here!

If you are installing ALM 12 for the first time or upgrading from HP’s ALM Quality centre 10, 11, you are sure to be benefitted immediately from the new and cool features of the software. The features are very attractive and are inclined towards modern application delivery. The application has the capability to build, test and deliver faster than ever with high flexibility to support wide range of technologies. It is a unified platform for delivery software applications and allowing the user’s to function in their unique ALM environment.

The idea is to allow these functional benefits along with Atlassian Jira. When it comes to collaborating Jira with HP ALM, the JaM Plugin from Go2Group works like a boss. Today, we have the latest version of JaM 10 released. The plugin is light weight with features that best fit your ALM setup. This is a part of Go2Group’s ongoing commitment in delivery the best-in-class solutions for your business.

The latest version is a light weight version with no SOAP service required. Installation is as simple as downloading from UPM. Also, it allows bi-directional collaboration of data between Jira and HP QC with Quality Center filter. The enhanced version is highly recommended and is available on the marketplace for download.