Test case structures and other enhancements come to synapseRT NextGen 8.6

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Many customers have told us they would like to see test case structure during the test execution. synapseRT NextGen 8.6 is out now with “Test Suite View” in the Test Cycle page! After collecting feedback from our customers, we’ve added other new features. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new:

“Test Suite View” in Test Cycle page

A new “View Mode” is available in the Test Cycle page; test runs will be listed in a tree structure, the same way they are organized in Test Suite. A “Tester Stack” has also been added to show test results from different assignees (testers).

A new “Automation Integration” panel in the Test Cycle page

With synapseRT NextGen 8.6, users can now associate the Jenkins job (Plan/Job Key) on the test cycle level.

New “Filter” feature for the Requirements, Test Plans, and Traceability pages

The new “Filter” feature allows users to save any search as a filter. The filter can be reused for the next landing of the page. Re-usability saves the user’s time by eliminating the need to choose search options again and again.

“synapseRT Clone” for requirement, test case, and test plan issues

Because the Jira native clone cannot handle synapseRT entities properly, we introduced a “synapseRT Clone” feature in v8.6. This feature helps the user clone all synapseRT entities when they want to clone synapseRT issues, including requirement, test case, and test plan issues.

Test run dialog is now configurable

Users can now configure additional fields from the synapseRT configuration page so that during test execution, these fields will be present in a test run dialog, allowing the user to get more test case information.

Move/Copy test suites across projects

This feature helps users to make the same set of test cases with structures to be presented in multiple Jira projects.

More REST APIs added

We’ve extended our REST API list to help the user cover more user scenarios. Shown here are some of the newly added REST APIs:
  • Attach files back to a test case run
  • Add test cases to a test cycle (with the reference test case members in a test plan)
  • Create a test case with test steps
  • Update and delete a test step via sequenceNumber
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UI improvements

Lastly, synapseRT NextGen 8.6 brings countless UI improvements across the product. We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the product’s usability, and continue to make UI improvements. Update to the latest version at Marketplace. For a detailed user guide, open our user guide. For an interactive demo, book a demo. For support, contact our service desk. For more information about synapseRT NextGen 8.6, contact us. 
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