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Category: synapseRT

Improve Your Testing Outcomes With synapseRT 9.6

synapseRT is here with its upgraded 9.6 version for Jira, packed with loads of new and interesting features to support the ever-evolving release processes of Agile teams and ensure enhanced testing efficiency.


Drive Faster Time to Market With synapseRT 9.3

synapseRT 9.3 for Jira comes with smarter and faster ways to manage requirements — import and export documents from others tools and numbering requirements for better traceability — and enhanced test plan and execution with an...


synapseRT 9.2 Is Here With New Parametrization Feature

With our new synapseRT 9.2 release for Atlassian Jira, we have upped our test execution game with test case parameters. This will allow testers to run the same baselined test case several times with multiple data inputs at run time...


Simplify Requirements Management With synapseRT 9.0

synapseRT for Atlassian Jira, now with a 9.0 version, is a one-of-a-kind solution with enterprise-ready testing and requirements management (RM) capabilities that simplify the testing process for the product and IT teams in organizations.