Message from the CEO: Go2Group Corporate Restructuring

July 10, 2020 | by Tom Stiling | Posted In Corporate Announcement

Go2Group Joins Adaptavist

Dear Valued Go2Group Clients,

We greatly appreciate your business over the years and are committed to providing you with ever-growing value.

We are excited to address you – our most valued clients – directly with this message announcing significant changes to our corporate structure, including the launch of a new company named “Goldfinger Holdings, Inc.” and the acquisition of our Professional Services, Solutions, and Atlassian License Reseller divisions by Adaptavist Group Ltd. The full details of the official announcements are here:

Founded in 2002, Go2Group’s growth over the past 18 years has been predominantly organic, stemming from the referrals of our client-base, partners, and those of other professionals. The growth and development of our professional staff has evolved in a similar manner. We have attracted high-quality, committed professionals and invested in their development and growth. As a result of those efforts, we have experienced tremendous growth over the past several years. This has been in no small way also directly related to the success our clients have had in their business and professional  pursuits.

To continue to invest in, and drive upward growth and business value creation of our multiple world-class Atlassian plugin products, we have undertaken a series of corporate changes focused on strengthening our core capabilities of building and delivering software product portfolios:

1. In conjunction with the launch of Goldfinger Holdings, Inc. as a new  independent holdings company, a new spin-off company called “Goldfinger Software LLC” will be established to oversee and provide overall management support to the former Go2Group’s proprietary software plug-in products for the Atlassian suite, namely synapseRT, CRM Plugin, and CAC/PIV Authenticator.

2. Goldfinger Holdings, Inc. will operate as the parent company of ConnectALL and Goldfinger Software. 

3. The former Go2Group Professional Services, Solutions, and Atlassian License Reseller divisions have been acquired and will become a critical part of the Adaptavist Group Ltd organization.

The management teams of Go2Group, Goldfinger Holdings, and Adaptavist are working together to ensure a seamless transition for all clients during this transformation. To maintain continuity, your sales and services delivery contracts will remain the same. However, we are making a few notable changes to our business over the coming months to ensure you get the full value as we go through this transition:

To our synapseRT, CRM Plugin, and CAC/PIV Authenticator customers:

  • The new website for Goldfinger Holdings (“GFHI”) is created – – where you can access all information related to these plugins. Those who visit the plugin web pages on will be automatically redirected to
  • Our product listing in the Atlassian Marketplace will have Goldfinger Holdings as the vendor owner.
  • Your access to our newly launched GFHI e-commerce platform to purchase CRM Plugin and CAC/PIV Authenticator online will not change.
  • Existing license terms and agreements will continue to be honored, and all business will continue in normal course.  
  • New licenses will be under Goldfinger Software EULA terms and conditions. Our GFHI sales teams will work with you to make this transition as seamless as possible. 

To our Atlassian Solutions and Professional Services customers: 

  • Existing terms and agreements will continue to be honored, and all businesses will continue business as normal. 
  • Our Go2Group and Adaptavist teams will work with you to make this transition as seamless as possible. We’ll be reaching out shortly with any change in your dedicated solutions team, and also to address any question you may have about our integration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for establishing  your trust in us over the last 18 years, bringing us to where we are today. We look forward to our continued partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Stiling

Former Go2Group CEO and 

CEO Goldfinger Holdings, Inc.