Cloud-Native: What Is It All About and Why Does It Matter?

April 30, 2019 | by Krittika Banerjee | Posted In Cloud, DevOps

Cloud Native: What is It All About?

While cloud-native development may sound like another industry buzzword, it might just be the breakthrough organizations need to speed up agility and business innovation. Going cloud-native means a lot more than just running your existing applications using cloud instances. It’s a concept that is founded on the understanding that getting software to work in the cloud calls for a broad set of components to work together. It also needs an architecture that departs from traditional enterprise application design and models. At its heart, cloud-native development consists of three key elements:

  • A DevOps-driven approach to enable automation and continuous delivery
  • A microservices model to enable highly focused, yet loosely coupled, modular services that can scale easily with demand
  • Use of containers to provide an ideal application deployment unit and a self-contained execution environment for faster deployment

In this session at Atlassian Summit 2019, Mike Maheu, SVP – Professional Services and Operations, Go2Group, sets us up with a common understanding of what the cloud-native approach is all about, explains why it’s important, and what organizations can do in order to get there. Mike examines the technical and architectural challenges that arise, how those challenges can be addressed, and various other aspects of the cloud-native journey. From demystifying the all-consuming hype around containerization, Kubernetes, and microservices, to delineating how you can implement fault-tolerant patterns and leverage Infrastructure as code (IaC) to enable faster and more precise deployment, he pulls all these strands together to highlight how everything is related, everything is new and old at the same time. The end goal, as always, is to improve the capacity to deliver higher-quality software with greater agility to accelerate business innovation.

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