Three Useful Tips to Boost Your Team’s Productivity

December 19, 2019 | by Krittika Banerjee | Posted In Agile, Atlassian, Teamwork

How to Boost Your Team's Productivity

This blog post is based on inputs from Levente Szabo, Customer Success and Digital Marketing Manager at Midori 

Delivering improved productivity is a key priority for every Agile development team. Productivity is essentially about achieving the outcomes you want with less time and effort. It’s not about working harder but smarter. Here are some tricks and tips that can help your teams become more productive and efficient:

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Put an effective communication plan in place and evaluate its effectiveness on a periodic basis. You need to set clear expectations for new tasks and milestones, division of labor, and the timeframe for completion. It is recommended that you have a clearly defined agenda for each meeting and close every meeting with a clear action plan assigned to each team member. Doing this has the potential to reduce the time spent in unnecessary email threads and drive-by cubicle conversations that often take place when your team is not clear about the overall status of the project. 

It is also important to make sure that your communication goes beyond the bare minimum.Team leads should communicate  the end goal or objective of a specific task to every team member so that everyone can gear their task to best benefit the ultimate goal. 

Implement fast feedback loops

Team leads have to share feedback to team members regularly, helping them identify areas for improvement and ensuring they have a more collaborative and committed approach toward achieving the team’s goal. 

There are various levels at which feedback loops can be implemented. Weekly sprints can be a great way to take a bird’s eye view on the status of a project as well as streamline work to accelerate progress and reduce the number of errors. Feedback also needs to be shared at a one-on-one level on a consistent basis. This can take place in the form of personal or informal chat with individual team members. Encouraging a practice of giving and receiving constructive feedback goes a long way toward creating an honest and transparent work culture, which leads to an increase in individual productivity.

Improve visibility and avoid miscommunication

To get full visibility and control, you need a centralized project management system like Jira. While Jira is primarily designed to help developers track issues and improvements, it is also an excellent tool for Agile project management – thanks to its Kanban workflow. Jira helps you ease the management of projects by centralizing everything in one place, streamlining all your tasks and helping you keep track of progress. One of the biggest strengths of Jira is that it is easily extensible. Jira can be easily integrated with some powerful plugins like Midori’s Better Excel Exporter, which can help you further maximize the effectiveness of corporate processes and internal project management by automating various manual tasks and generating deeper insights from your hard-earned Jira data.  

If you notice that your team’s productivity is declining, try to help them work smarter with these above tips. If you have experienced similar problems and have applied better productivity methods, feel free to share your thoughts. You can write in to or find us on Twitter (@Go2Group).