Why We’re Rebranding: A Message from Our CEO

August 28, 2019 | by Tom Stiling | Posted In Corporate Announcement

A Message From Our CEO About Our Rebranding


As many of you may have already observed, Go2Group is sporting a brand new logo and an entirely new look. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything that the original Go2Group brand stood for and everything that we aspire to become as we move forward into an exciting future.

As you can see, it is not just our logo that has changed. We’ve changed our website, our social media, our messaging, and our focus to better reflect the way we help our clients to be more effective with their IT modernization and transformation initiatives and success measurements. Our mission is a refined version of what we have always known best about ourselves: we deliver best-in-class consulting, IT solutions and services to help enterprises achieve business agility and technical excellence.


Our Journey So Far

Since our founding in 2002, Go2Group has experienced tremendous growth. We’ve become a trusted partner of global top-notch software vendors in the Enterprise Agile and DevOps space and a leader in providing solutions and services for our partner clients.

Our journey started with a vision to create the kind of company that empowers individuals and teams to do their best work, based on trust, integrity, openness, and courage. Drawing from our experience in Agile, DevOps, Hosting,  and expertise in using best-in-class application lifecycle management tools, Go2Group was born eighteen years ago.

Today, we are bigger and better — our Go2Group family consists of highly trained and talented individuals and a growing client portfolio that we are certainly proud to serve. Building on our platinum-level partnerships with companies like Atlassian, CloudBees, and AWS and with our approach of providing consulting-led strategies and technology-led solutions, we enable our enterprise-level customers to direct their IT transformation initiatives toward business agility, innovation, and growth. We are now taking the opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate the breadth of expertise that Go2Group truly represents and realign with our refined value proposition and vision.

We’re excited and proud to announce our new branding and logo. It marks the next phase in our journey and a new opportunity to help your business to modernize, transform and advance.


The New Logo and Brand The Thinking Process Behind

Go2Group’s new logo and visual identity are inspired by our core principle and spirit of being a pioneer in leading our clients forward — not only helping them achieve their end business goals of IT transformation and excellence but also providing them a better vendor experience. It represents transformation, growth, success and a brighter tomorrow.


The iconic double ‘G’ brand mark is executed in a simple but modern, timeless and elegant style that has weight. If you look closely, there is a hidden arrow symbol (the negative space) which represents innovation, advancement and transformation. Combining all of these elements and making them work together into a simplified sturdy execution represents our commitment of simplifying complexities.

The use of Brandon Grotesque for the type (GO2GROUP) demonstrates our boldness and makes a strong representation of our unique vision for the company to be the number one vendor of choice for our clients’ IT modernization and transformation initiatives.

We chose blue to symbolize trust, imagination and strength. This reflects our commitment to continuously innovate and evolve to serve you better — and for us — to achieve sustainable growth.


The New Message

Since our founding in 2002, Go2Group has experienced tremendous growth. We have also seen multiple new trends surface, and recognized immediately that we are particularly skilled in many different areas of providing solutions to key IT problems. It’s what we are calling our “pillars”, and what is ultimately the driving force behind the current and future services and solutions we provide:

If you want to learn more about what each one means, I encourage you to visit our new website where you can read more on each pillar.


Some Things Won’t Change

Behind the new look we are still the same company and team (but much larger and more technically talented), dedicated to providing you the best possible services and solutions.

We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at Go2Group and thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and clients that have accompanied us in our growth. We owe this rebrand to all of you.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Until then, keep an eye on Go2Group as we continue our growth and campaign to be the no. 1 IT solution provider of choice.


Tom Stiling