Practical Git

November 2, 2014

Software development teams need a way to guarantee that everyone knows which code is the latest, ensure that no one writes over someone else’s changes, and prevent errors. In the old days, this was done by carefully managing files, using simple systems to communicate between developers. As teams grow, simple systems become unworkable, especially when development teams span the globe, work different hours, speak different languages, work at different companies, and combine new development and maintenance tasks.

Today, we use Source Code Management (SCM) systems. Git is the defacto SCM system for software development. Just as vi is simply the editor you use on Linux, Git is the SCM tool you use for new software projects.

Your developers learn Git through GitHub as they start coding in college and on open source projects. Development managers now see Git as a talent retention strategy.

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Author: Go2Group
Date Published: Nov 2 2014
Publisher: Go2Group
Language: English
Genre: Technology