DevOps-Driven Transformation Helps a Top Health Insurer Deliver a Better Customer Experience

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DevOps-Driven Transformation Helps a Top Health Insurer Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience


About the customer

Our customer is one of the largest health insurance companies in the US, working toward providing the best health care value for their customers.

The challenge

With the aim of offering seamless services and an improved customer experience in the digital era, they wanted an enhanced customer portal built on a high-performing and scalable technology platform. The existing portal, with an active user base running into millions, was not satisfactory. The new initiative not only demanded a major overhaul and redesign of their member portal, but also its migration to the cloud. Since it was much more than a ‘lift and ship’ effort, it called for the streamlining of their development and operational processes with a technology solution based on an Agile and DevOps-driven approach.

However, they were bogged down by a culture where the Dev team was disjointed from the Ops team, with each team relying on their own set of tools. The tools functioned in their own silos, and that caused great difficulty in delivering quality software in quick succession. There was no CI/CD pipeline or automated testing, and the tools that they used did not support the Agile development cycle envisioned by the project.

The solution

Their search for an all-in-one solutions provider led them to Go2Group, an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner and a DevOps solution expert. Working closely with the customer, the team of Atlassian certified experts at Go2Group established a robust DevOps process for swift and efficient delivery of the product and its seamless migration to the cloud.

Here are some of the key components of our solution:

  • Set up the DevOps process, with best practices, for their Consumer Portal team and created a process blueprint for the other portals to start from
  • Installed and configured the Atlassian applications, which were later added into the Enterprise Toolset to be used across the board
  • Integrated Bamboo with uDeploy for automating application deployments through various environments, by writing a Bamboo add-on.
  • Implemented Selective Deployment for microservices by writing a Bitbucket Server add-on, taking specific business rules into consideration.
  • Added deployment status gadget to Jira for better visibility of commits/builds/deployments associated with stories in a Sprint
  • Implemented new branching workflow in Bitbucket Server to support CI/CD for microservices
  • Conducted comprehensive training in Git and Atlassian Suite to facilitate the tools’ adoption and mastery by their Consumer Portal team, and helped with the onboarding of other teams to the new process
  • Helped in building a Test Automation strategy to assist in delivering quality software in a time-efficient manner
  • Ensured continuous support for development teams and assistance with release management
  • Worked on migration of the secure portal to AWS
  • Worked with the customer and Amazon on the infrastructure design, and redesigned their CI/CD process for continuous AWS deployment

Technology snapshot

Key benefits

So far, the customer has seen several benefits:
  • Leaner and faster estimates, continuous flow of work
  • Enhanced cross-team collaboration, accelerated development, and increased flexibility
  • Improved control and agility of production environment
  • Self-service capabilities brought to users also drastically slashed IT workload, and improved overall productivity and service delivery
  • Availability of the portal 24×7, with zero downtime deployment
  • Reduction in time to implement a new environment from eight weeks to three hours

Future impact

The initiative has spurred change across more than one development team. They continue working on wider system improvements and exploring opportunities to migrate more applications to the cloud. By providing them greater agility to get features to market quickly, Go2Group’s solution would give their business an edge in the ever-evolving insurance world, and help them see an uplift in customers and revenue in the long term.