Migration to AWS Infrastructure Drives Greater Business Agility for a Top Airline

Migration to AWS Drives Greater Business Agility for a Top Airline

About the customer

Our customer is one of the largest airlines in the US southwest region. 

The challenge

Like several organizations in a state of rapid expansion and growth, one of their biggest challenges was to ensure that their infrastructure scales up to meet growing business needs. To operate with the efficiency and scale necessary to keep up with increasing business demands, their product development and execution teams sought to migrate a mission-critical application (Atlassian Crowd) from on-prem to AWS cloud environment.

The move to a new environment, however, was not without its associated challenges and pitfalls. It was fraught with various risks, from potential loss of data and integration issues to maintenance of overall stability and management of production applications in a cloud environment. They needed an expert partner to plan, execute, and support the strategic transition of their development environment to the AWS cloud.

The solution

Based on prior working experience, the customer approached Go2Group to design and deploy a transformative solution and prepare a roadmap on how to achieve seamless migration to the cloud, while ensuring minimal business intrusion.

Through close collaboration with the customer, the team of AWS certified experts at Go2Group evaluated critical data about the application to be deployed on AWS and charted out a detailed migration plan documenting the artifacts, architecture, potential timelines, dependencies, and contingencies involved in migrating to AWS environment.

Our team of experts were instrumental in setting up the necessary AWS infrastructure and the related CI/CD processes. We quickly integrated with the company’s teams to complete the migration of Atlassian Crowd from their enterprise data center to AWS. We also provided infrastructure-as-code enhancements and optimizations for Atlassian infrastructure and CI tool fleets supporting over 130 internal development teams at the customer’s Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE).

Technology snapshot

Key benefits

All Atlassian tooling has now been successfully migrated from the customer’s on-premise data centers into AWS, resulting in:

  1. Increased reliability, performance and reduced infrastructure overhead.
  2. Increased capacity to scale and support tens of thousands of users.
  3. Enhanced security due to full data encryption in-flight and at rest on AWS.
  4. Greater operational excellence due to improved maintenance and performance tuning via infrastructure-as-code base.

Future impact

This is a significant foundational step in the customer’s journey to achieve greater operational efficiency and rapid scalability. In the long run, the cloud will enable their systems to grow with changing business demands – driving agility, innovation and growth.