Seamless Atlassian Migration Solves Complex Challenges for NASA’s Ames Research Center


As a world-class center for research and development, NASA’s Ames Research Center provides  advancements in a vast range of areas such as nanotechnology, fundamental space biology, supercomputing, and thermal protection systems.

When the Ames Research Center embarked on their NextGen project with a mission to upgrade the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the nationwide air transportation system, the critical nature of the team’s work meant that the ability to develop software collaboratively and securely while complying with NASA-approved development processes was an absolute prerequisite. NASA turned to Go2Group, an Atlassian Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner, to migrate an extraordinarily large amount of mission-critical change history data (going back as far as the 70’s) into the Atlassian toolset.  Check out this case study to learn more.