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Ten Key DevOps Metrics

When you implement DevOps in your organization, it’s essential to track how it contributes to your goals. Here are the ten key DevOps metrics organizations can track to accelerate their CI/CD pipeline.

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Are You Doing DevOps Right?

The Go2Group DevOps Self-Evaluation is designed to be a reference tool for internal review to help you assess the maturity of your DevOps initiative and determine how close you are to achieving true continuous delivery.

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The Agile + DevOps Virtual Expo

In light of recent events, TechWell has morphed the popular Agile + DevOps West conference into a fully virtual experience this year! From the comfort of your own digital device, you will have access to all of the same great content and experts you have come to expect from an Agile + DevOps West conference. Agile + DevOps Virtual will be streaming over 80+ talks—including 5 keynotes, 25 tutorials, and 50+ sessions all in an engaging and interactive premium virtual atmosphere.