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Coaching and Training

Build and sustain high-performing teams with our flexible and customized coaching and training programs and services

To reap the benefits of DevOps and Agile, the development of your people is absolutely key. That is why we offer in-depth, custom-built training aimed at equipping your teams with vital skills that enhance their competency and professionalizing the state of the practice.

From comprehensive Agile workshops and DevOps training, to hands on training on setup and configuration of various tools, we can provide the expert assistance and dedicated help that you need to ensure your teams keep pace with modern environments.

Our training services

Agile and DevOps coaching

With a focus on cultural change and engineering excellence, we offer customized training for different levels in the organization — executive, business, and delivery team levels. Our experts are veteran practitioners who provide tailor-made coaching and guided execution to help you and your teams align with DevOps and Agile principles and seamlessly transform the processes within your organization.

Tool-based user training

We also provide comprehensive training courses for a wide range of tools and ensure the ideal jumpstart for your teams to get the most value out of the software. The material covers all the features of the product from an end-user’s perspective and provides a solid foundation for users with different levels of experience.

Why Go2Group as your training partner

  • Equip your teams with the practical knowledge needed to drive successful Agile and DevOps initiatives.
  • Enhance workflow and collaboration in the organization; increase the agility and efficiency of anyone who plays a part in the value chain.
  • Achieve standardization of processes and practices across projects.

Learn more about all the ways we can help your teams keep pace with your business transformation